ASUS F5Rl Notebook Drivers for Microsoft Windows XP

Last week I bought a brand new ASUS F5RL Notebook, and I planned to use it with Microsoft Windows XP, but the driver CD that was bundeled with, it contains only Vista 32bit drivers.
So I spent, the last week to look for drivers.


You will find most of the drivers on

But, here are the two (I guess almost the most important) drivers, that I want to share with you, maybe someone somewhere will have the same problem like me:

If you still have an “Unknown Device” in the Device Manager, please check the device details. If you find something like this as Device Instance: ACPI\IFX0102\4 you might need this driver as well. This is a sort of “security” device, it’s called Infineon Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Maybe you’ll found a better source of drivers, I looked allover, but I can’t find better.
These drivers works for my ASUS F5RL AP007 Notebook. maybe it will work with yours as well.

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