ASUS F5Rl Notebook Drivers for Microsoft Windows XP

Last week I bought a brand new ASUS F5RL Notebook, and I planned to use it with Microsoft Windows XP, but the driver CD that was bundeled with, it contains only Vista 32bit drivers.
So I spent, the last week to look for drivers.


You will find most of the drivers on

But, here are the two (I guess almost the most important) drivers, that I want to share with you, maybe someone somewhere will have the same problem like me:

If you still have an „Unknown Device” in the Device Manager, please check the device details. If you find something like this as Device Instance: ACPI\IFX0102\4 you might need this driver as well. This is a sort of „security” device, it’s called Infineon Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Maybe you’ll found a better source of drivers, I looked allover, but I can’t find better.
These drivers works for my ASUS F5RL AP007 Notebook. maybe it will work with yours as well.

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  1. thank’s a lot
    kesenem szepe 🙂 sorry if i haven;t write correct
    but it was veryy helpul your link

  2. omg many thx dude , i got my notebook yesterday and i looked all over and i didnt find the audio and wlan , Cheers from Romania :)>- 😀

  3. That’s why I’ve published them 🙂

    I’m always happy, when I can put only something that is useful, for others as well 🙂

  4. Hi,

    thanks a lot for your W-Lan driver now this piece works fine 😉

    Perhabs you can help me with 2 other devices. They are just called PCI-Devie and USB 2.0. Your hint with this ACPI-thing was not the right in my case. I guess the usb 2.0 is the web-cam. in the details there is a ID with 6A31 but the driver from asus stops with an error.

    Thanks a lot for your help.


  5. Great thanks!! 🙂 I’ve a problem with Audio drivers – just only you link helps! My respect!

  6. hye..plzz help me.still i cant get the right driver for w-lan and audio.could you plzz help so stuck!!

  7. Great! I was doing exactly the same XP „upgrade” on a F5RL and was left with the unknown PCI device.
    The Realtek drive fixed that.

    The USB 2.0 web-cam problem went away with the Asus camera driver V5.32.3.6 – CMOS_Camera_D-Max_GD6A31_XP_070323.
    I also installed Virtual_Camera_XP_071122 – dunno if that that did…

    It really sucks that one cannot download an entire driver CD from Asus!

  8. yeah, you saved me this time
    i had to reinstall win xp on my f5rl, and all went (relatively) ok, until i had to make sound work. my old drivers were not installing, the one on the site wasn’t working… fortunatly i found this post

  9. On the „F5Rl” is all in CAPITAL LETTERS except for the „L” . . . very random comment i know, wondering if its just retarded or there is a specific reason for it? lol

  10. Thxs For The Post .. But Can You Upload The others Drivers AS the Drivers on ASus WebSite Doesn’t Work .. Plz Help

  11. Hello.. i`ve used your drivers .. nice work.. i just bought this laptop .. did all drivers .. i have left the webcam .. i dont know how to make it work.. i dont know even how to see its model.. please help me.. the laptop its the usual F5RL.Thank you

  12. all the drivers on the web of asus are working good but with the webcam driver have some problem, i installed the webcam driver from the cd (vista) and it working good!!!

  13. can u upload the driver you used ? please?:> i tryed with mine .. from vista cd.. but no results

  14. Dear DjZone.
    I’ve tried your link for the sound driver but still not working
    CMIIW those driver is HDMI V1.68, i’ve also tried the v1.92 but still not working
    I’ve also tried to install the UAA Microsoft High Definition Audio but still not working.
    Almost desperated to looking for this audio driver.
    FYI i’m using Windows XP SP2

    Help me please….

    Thanks and Best Regards…..

  15. Dean, as far as I know, the audio device is not the same in F5Rl notebooks. The manufacturer is using I think at least 3 different models, which are not compatible with each other’s drivers.

  16. There is another earlier version of the driver, that is called Relatek High Definition Audio Driver R1.49, I tried on some models, and that worked.

  17. These things is worked well for me. Just wanna share
    1st Download this file
    2nd Go to the „?” mark in the Device Manager
    3rd Selected to install manually, it will find UAA
    4th After that just point the high definition audio to any High Definition Audio Driver folder that you might have
    downloaded. Or one above that provided by DjZone
    It’s worked for me

    But for sure you help a lot DjZone…….
    Thanks a lot Bro…..

  18. hi

    I didnt fid the setting in bios to set the sata drive to compatibility (ide) mode…where is it? can U help me?


  19. For those who having problem with the Audio-Driver with WinXP, Insert the Driver’s CD -> Right Click on „My Computer” -> Select the „Hardware Tab” -> Click „Device Manager Button” -> Select the Audio Device and Click Update the hardware dialog should open and copy the required file.

    Hope this helps.

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